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"I sing first, I act second" 
Lady Diva Monroe

We The People Court

with Gloria Allred

Aired: Sept, 2011

Showed: Sept, 19th, 2011

I had auditioned for the part and won.  I went on TV and won the case on there as a Plaintiff. This show was 30 minutes and comes in 3 parts.

The producers of this show are Byron Allen, and Gloria Allred, An attorney in Los Angelos, acts as the judge in these episodes.


I have had acting lessons, and I'm looking for producers that are looking for new faces in the acting business, I can work for anyone, but have a preference for female producers. I am an R&B singer first, and an actor second.


If you are out there, Producers, and are looking for a new face, please contact me.


Watch Part 1

Watch Part 2

Watch Part 3

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